Average Cost Of Plumbing Services

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Plumbers perform vital services for residents and business owners throughout Edmonton, but it can be hard to budget for their work without a clear idea of their costs. Besides, how can you make sure the plumber you contact will give you a fair quote for the job you need to be done? You don’t have time to call every contractor in the city and compare their rates!

We get where you’re coming from, and that’s why we make an effort to be transparent about the costs for our services. Better yet, we’re going to help you learn what plumbers in your area should be charging for their work, so you can make informed hiring decisions. Read on and learn all about the average costs for plumbing services in Edmonton.

How do Plumbers Charge For Their Work?

Plumbers usually charge either an hourly rate for their work, or a flat rate per job. You may also have to pay a call out fee, which compensates your plumber for the time and resources spent preparing for your job and traveling to your location. Callout fees are also called service charges or dispatch charges by some contractors.

Finally, you’ll also have to pay your plumber for the cost of any materials they need to solve your problem. Adding all of these factors together can provide you with a reasonable estimate for any given plumber’s work. The average cost of a plumber in Edmonton is currently $175-$450, and most plumbers charge an hourly rate of $45-$200.

Common Costs for Plumbing Jobs in Edmonton

Using what we know about how plumbers charge for their services, it’s pretty easy to arrive at ballpark figures for specific jobs. Here are a few examples:

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Blocked Drain in Edmonton?

Blocked drains are some of the most common issues that plumbers face. Drains often become blocked by debris such as dust particles, food scraps, and clumps of hair. They can also become blocked by oil, grease, or soap scum that collects in large enough amounts over time.

You might be tempted to reach for a bottle of drain cleaner, but pouring chemicals down your drain can damage your pipes and lead to water damage in the long run. Instead, call a plumber with the right equipment to unblock your drains safely. Most plumbers end up charging around $200 for this service.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Leaking Pipes in Edmonton?

Pipes often break or leak when water freezes and thaws inside them, warping the metal as temperatures change. Having a plumber diagnose a leaky pipe normally costs about $100, while fixing the pipes themselves is usually a $150-$350 job. This is normally much cheaper than fixing the water damage a burst pipe can cause (which is frequently anywhere from $1000-$4000).

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Broken Toilet in Edmonton?

The way you use a toilet is pretty simple, but the way toilets work isn’t. In fact, toilets have many different components that can fail, including various valves, seals, and pipes—not to mention the tank and bowl themselves.

A backed up toilet might just need some good old fashioned plunging, but if that doesn’t do the trick, you’ll probably have to call a professional. Toilet repair costs in Edmonton range from about $140-$300, depending on the nature of the problem.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Water Heater in Edmonton?

The price of installing a new water heater can vary considerably, depending on the kind of heater you want to install: standard, solar, or tankless.

    • Standard water heaters keep water in a large heated tank (usually 30 to 80 gallons), so that it’s available for occupants of the building. Newer, high-efficiency tank heaters normally cost $750-$1400 for installation.
  • Solar water heaters use antifreeze to collect heat from sunlight, then transfer that heat to the water in the tank via a heat exchanger. Installing these water heaters generally costs $2,000-$5,2000.
  • Tankless water heaters, also called on-demand water heaters, use gas or electricity to generate heat in a small unit and transfer it to your water supply whenever hot water is needed. These water heaters generally cost $1000-$1800 to install in Edmonton.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Sump Pump in Edmonton?

Sump pumps have been building requirements in Edmonton homes since 1988, and for good reason. A sump pump removes groundwater when it collects around the foundation walls of your home, transferring it to the surface or directly to the sewer system so that it can’t damage your property.

Installing a sump pump usually costs anywhere from $650-$1800 in Edmonton. Repairs normally range from $300-$700, depending on the specific parts required and your plumber’s hourly rate.

Invest in Quality Plumbers

An experienced plumber’s rates might seem high at first, but they’re often much less expensive than the costs of ignoring a problem—or hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Remember: if someone is offering you a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Stay away from unlicensed plumbers offering bottom-of-the-barrel prices, and trust your next plumbing job to someone who will put in the time and materials to fix your problem correctly. For more questions about plumbing prices or to hire trustworthy professionals, reach out to us today and speak with someone on our team.