Frugal Fixtures: How to Save Money With New Faucets, Shower Heads, & Toilets

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Child Brushing Teeth Which Running Faucet

Fixtures make a huge impact on your water usage. Many homes – especially in Edmonton’s older communities – could see a nice reduction in their monthly water bill by replacing old, damaged, or inefficient fixtures. Remember that for serious plumbing issues, you should always contact the pros, since you never know how deep-rooted the problem could be. We always encourage … Read More

Four Common Plumbing Problems You Can Fix Yourself

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Unclog a Clogged Sink!

There are few household problems which can rival the amount of panic and stress brought on by plumbing issues. Sometimes your pipes, taps and sinks have a mind of their own, and the last thing you want is damage to your rooms as a result of a fairly minor problem getting out of hand. The good news, then, is that … Read More