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Boiler Installation and Repair

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They say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but talking about your boiler, they’re only half right. Your boiler doesn’t need to fall from the wall or cause major flooding to require a bit of repair work; most often it’s a leaking pipe causing low pressure or an electronic fault giving you faulty readings that’s the problem.

These issues can cause plenty of headaches (not least thanks to the cold water in your shower) but a quick call to Piper Plumbing will invite a solution within hours.

Other times it’s best just to admit defeat. We can inspect your old, failing boiler and make honest, reliable recommendations for its replacement. Of course we’ll also install and test everything for you, too.

Boiler Installations and Repairs Made Easy

Removing the old boiler and installing your new one can be a pretty untidy job, and replacing sections of failed piping is rarely non-invasive. However, we solve all the problems, take care of the mess and leave your home looking completely untouched – the only difference you’ll notice is the pleasant warmth spreading through the house from your pristine boiler!
Modern boilers don’t waste time, energy and money by heating vats of water and letting it go to waste. When we install a state-of-the-art appliance, water is heated on-demand and fired along the pipes to its destination.

We’re firm believers in cutting waste, and we bring that philosophy right into your home.

As far as we’re concerned, the less we see of our customers, the better! We perform repairs without cutting corners and applying “quick fixes” – when we leave your home, trust that our repairs will stand the test of time.
By fixing that low pressure issue, or finally upcycling that old boiler for a younger model, you’d be amazed at how much more energy efficient your home can become. Faulty boilers just burn (ironically) through your cash, so using the skilled services of Piper Plumbing isn’t just good value, it could make you money for years to come.

We Are Proud to Have Earned a Great Reputation

We take responsible business seriously! That’s why we are not only a part of professional organizations, but transparent with our customer experiences.

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Why Choose Piper When You Need a Boiler installed or Repaired?

Standard 1-Year Warranty

All our plumbing services come with at least a 1-year warranty. If our service or repair fails within a year, we will return at no-cost to fix it!

Appliance installations come with even longer warranties!

Reliable & Affordable Services

In today’s tough economy it’s more important than ever to spend wisely. At Piper Plumbing, we appreciate this fact as both business owners and homeowners!

Our services are guaranteed to be competitively priced and to provide fair value.

We Wrote the Book On It

Repairing and installing boilers, solving problems and inventing novel solutions – it’s what we do. Let the skilled tradesmen at Piper Plumbing apply their knowledge and expertise, and trust us to deliver on every promise.

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