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Sewer Back Up Prevention

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It’s a call we dread: a homeowner is on the line, frantic and distressed. Their basement is flooded in six inches of sewage, and they don’t know what to do. It’s a nightmare scenario that immediately puts even the most even-tempered of us on edge. Don’t worry, we get it.

If your sewer has backed up and it’s flooding your basement, call us immediately before your home endures further damage. We may not be able to reverse damage already done, but we can prevent an already-bad situation from getting worse. From there, we can implement safeguards and provide guidance to prevent such a situation from happening again.

Sewer Back Ups: Frustrating but Fixable

In our minds, it is irresponsible to recommend a solution until a formalized diagnosis is done. Without a clear understanding of the cause, we cannot recommend a solution with confidence.

We use advanced high-technology video inspection equipment to clearly define the source of the problem. This (literal) visibility allows us to definitively determine the cause of the problem, the appropriate solution, and how to ensure it doesn’t happen twice.

Once we’ve identified the cause of the problem, our plumbers will create a plan to rectify it. This will be presented to you, in writing, for approval.

Once approved, we get to work to resolve the immediate issue. Our first priority is clearing the clog so the water can drain and you can move forward with the repair and remediation of your basement.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

It’s one thing to remove the immediate problem and another thing entirely to prevent the problem from happening again. In the case of a sewage back up, most people are quite content to ensure it never happens again once they’ve been struck the first time.

There are several ways we can prevent the sewer lines from backing up, though the most effective options employ automated responses when certain conditions are detected.

  • mainline backwater valve is an effective solution. This valve automatically closes when a back up is detected. Once closed, the valve effectively prevents sewage water from entering your home. While it also prevents waste from leaving, in a crisis it is preferable to simply shut-out all access to the sewer. Once the crisis has passed, the valve re-opens and all is normal.
  • Installing overhead sewage lines is also an effective method of preventing sewage back ups. This method uses gravity as a deterrent- so long as the water level in the main city lines is less than the overhead lines, this method will prevent back ups from damaging your home.
  • Sewer cut-off valves are, again, another passive method for disconnecting your home from the main city lines in the event that the conditions suitable for a back up exist.
We believe that there’s only one way to do business: the right way. At Piper Plumbing, we take the time needed to properly diagnose a problem and report on our findings. Cutting corners can have disastrous results, especially when sewer water is involved.

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We take responsible business seriously! That’s why we are not only a part of professional organizations, but transparent with our customer experiences.

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