In-Sink Waste Disposal: As Awesome As You’re Hoping It Is

  • Environmentally-conscious approach to organic waste
  • Remove food and organic debris from your garbage
  • Simplify doing the dishes
  • Affordable and reliable

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Garbage Disposal (Garburator) Installation & Repair

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If you’ve ever had a garbage disposal mounted underneath your sink before, you already know how awesome and convenient these things are! If you’ve never had one, well, we think it’s high-time that we changed that. A garbage disposal from Piper Plumbing is an inexpensive, reliable, and environmentally-friendly way of reducing organic waste in your garbage while also adding convenience and practicality to your kitchen!

We install and repair all major makes and models of garbage disposals. For an install or repair done once (and done right), chooses Piper Plumbing!

You’ll Love Your New Garbage Disposal

Tired of having to scrape your dishes into your garbage and then wash them? Skip the middle-man (ha) and allow your garbage disposal to process and dispose of organic waste.
Leftover meat, apple cores, banana peels, and other types of soft organic waste can become a real smelly mess when left to… ferment… in the garbage. Who wants to smell that?!

A garburator allows you to quickly deal with soft organic waste without stinking up your home or business in the process. Awesome!

Keep organics out of landfills- your garbage disposal will chew organic waste up into small particulates and flush them harmlessly down the drain, where they will be treated/broken down and returned to the environment. No chemicals, no incineration… just a bit of mechanical elbow grease!
You’d bee amazed at the sheer diversity of waste your garburator is able to take care of in a flash.

  • Leftover pieces of meat and vegetables
  • Sauces
  • Fruit
  • Food particulates that your dishwasher can’t handle
  • Fatty tissue/skin from meat
  • Skin of vegetables/fruits

Note: hard organic waste, such as bones, will damage your garbage disposal. Save those for the garbage!

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