We Make Easy Work of Hard Water

Edmonton is pretty well-known for its hard water, but it doesn’t have to stay that way; the plumbers at Piper Plumbing can make all the difference!

  • Inspect plumbing for limescale and corrosion
  • Remove calcium and magnesium
  • Increase the lifespan of your plumbing system
  • No-nonsense, honest advice

For fast, reliable services that you can trust, choose Piper!


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Water Softening and Purification

Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St. Albert

Ever gone on a trip somewhere new and noticed how clean the dishes are? Or enjoyed the roaring power of a soft-water shower head? Well, with a little help from the boys in the van you can quickly transform the plumbing in your home to enjoy the benefits of soft water at home.

For the simplest and most effective service available, choose Piper Plumbing. Time for fresh water the way it’s meant to be.

You’ll Love the World of Soft Water

The thing about hard water is that it contains minerals which cling to your glasses, silverware, pots and pans. Try as you might to stop it, a cloudy residue will eventually form, bringing with it a hazy, half-cleaned look to your belongings.

With soft water, that not possible. These minerals are filtered out before they ever reach the dishwasher. Since minerals also lead to rust and component failure in dishwashers and laundry machines, your appliances will need fewer repairs and experience better performance throughout their lifetime.

When using soap and shower gels in hard water environments, the magnesium and calcium ions produce scum, rather than a fluffy, care-free lather. This scum can linger on your skin, clogging pores.
Hard water is even worse for your hair, where it leaches some of the life out of it, causing dry, straw-like strands and turning light, bouncy hair dull and limp. Adding a soft water purifier will take your showers to a new level.
That’s not quite the right term. Let’s try…your clothes will actually get cleaned. That’s better.

Just like that missing lather in the shower, detergents do not mix well or form a proper solution with hard water. That pale, chalky overlay on your cutlery and glasses can fade into your clothes too. Using soft water can make a tonne of differences to your wardrobe:

  • Towels and soft clothes will become less scratchy
  • No more stains from iron and elements in the water
  • Clothes come out squeaky clean, with no clingy residue

It also does wonders for your wallet, since you’ll need less detergent and fewer trips to the supermarket!

We believe that there’s only one way to do business: the right way. At Piper Plumbing, we take the time needed to properly diagnose a problem and report on our findings. Cutting corners can have disastrous results, especially when water is involved.

We Are Proud to Have Earned a Great Reputation

We take responsible business seriously! That’s why we are not only a part of professional organizations, but transparent with our customer experiences.

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Why Choose Piper When You Need Water Softening?

Standard 1-Year Warranty

All our plumbing services come with at least a 1-year warranty. If our service or repair fails within a year, we will return at no-cost to fix it!

Appliance installations come with even longer warranties!

Reliable & Affordable Services

In today’s tough economy it’s more important than ever to spend wisely. At Piper Plumbing, we appreciate this fact as both business owners and homeowners!

Our services are guaranteed to be competitively priced and to provide fair value.

It’s What We Do

We’ve brought soft water to homes all over Edmonton, and we learn something new every time. Whether you’d like a quick inspection or for us to install an army of water softeners, you can trust the honest advice and veteran expertise of our plumbers.

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