How To Clean & Maintain Your Shower Head

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Unclog a Clogged Sink!

How You Should Clean Your Shower Head

If you have started seeing a reduction of water flow from your shower head that doesn’t necessarily mean you have big problem.  It may just be time to clean the components of the head.  It is pretty simple to clean out a clog or lime build up in most shower heads, and requires few tools or special materials

A Leaky Faucet

Tools:  Pliers or channel lock pliers, rag, nylon brush or old tooth brush

Materials:  Vinegar, or an environmentally-safe de-liming agent

To clean the shower head, you will need to get at two components inside.  One is the back of the spray head, and the other is the aerator.  Some shower heads allow you to remove the spray head (the area with the little holes) separately from the rest of the head.  Otherwise, you may need to remove the entire head to dismantle it.

Before You Get Started Cleaning

Before starting, be sure the water supply is off. No sense tackling this job wet.

1) Remove the shower head, whether just the front surface or the entire head.

2) Remove the spray head, and dip in the vinegar or lime remover. Let it soak for 5 to ten minutes.

3) Find the small metal or plastic screen inside. This is the aerator, which catches small pebbles and other debris in the water line so it doesn’t leave the pipe. Rinse the screen, and put in with spray head in the vinegar or lime remover.

4) Rinse the screen and spray head thoroughly, scrubbing gently with the brush to remove any stubborn bits of lime or other debris. Hold them up to the light, and make sure you can see through each of the pinholes in the spray head. Be sure to rinse long enough that there is no residue of the vinegar or lime remover. You don’t want that spraying in your eyes after you…

5) Reassemble the shower head.

What If The Water Pressure Remains Weak?

Even after a good cleaning, it is possible that the screen in the aerator has developed a significant build-up of lime that no amount of cleaning will handle. A replacement screen can be purchased at any hardware store for 5 to 10 cents. Take along the old one so you get the right size.

Turn on the water and test the flow from the shower head. You should be back in business in about 15 minutes, ready to use your shower with better flow.

Water pressure low? Don’t worry, buying new fixtures has other added benefits, as we have outlined in the blog post, frugal fixtures and saving money.

As always, if you do not have the tools or are not confident you have the experience to work on your faucets, Edmonton can always call Piper/Pro Plumbing services for help.