Expert Plumbing Fixture Installation & Repair

  • Faucets, sinks, taps, and more
  • Shower heads and shower fixtures
  • Proper installation means no leaks
  • Services warranted for 1 year!

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Plumbing Fixture Installation & Repair

Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St. Albert

A fast and easy way to update the look of your kitchen or bathrooms is to install new fixtures. Not only are modern fixtures more efficient and feature-rich than their outdated counterparts, but they can be expected to do their job reliably for years to come when installed by professionals (like us!).

Of course, there are many times when it’s better to repair your current fixtures vs. replacing them. A repair typically costs significantly less than a replacement, and most fixtures are capable of being repaired effectively. If your fixtures are leaking, running at low pressure, or otherwise not performing as they should, don’t worry: we’re here to help.

Fixture Installations & Repairs: It’s What We Do!

As you can imagine, the experienced plumbers at Piper Plumbing have installed literally thousands of fixtures for hundreds of Edmontonian home and business owners. Not only are we professionals and dedicated to the services we provide, but we continuously train and retrain to ensure we remain at the forefront of new innovations and technologies in the plumbing space.

Our commitment to remaining at the top of our game means that you can trust that the work we do is always current and up to code.

Not only is repairing a current fixture more environmentally conscious than outright replacement, it’s often more economical for our customer. Wheen we recommend replacement over repair, it’s because we are convinced that the existing fixture won’t be able to do its job properly (or that you’ll just wind up putting more money into repairing it down the road).

The truth is that we love repairing fixtures because it’s an opportunity to solve a problem and flex our creative muscles. Whether it’s a simple faucet cartridge replacement, or something more complex and specialized, you can count on us to get to the bottom of it!

  • Leaking faucets, dripping taps, etc.
  • Corrosion, calcium buildup, and other contamination
  • Haphazard supply of water; inconsistent pressure
  • Blockage within the fixture preventing normal operation
  • Damaged or worn cartridges, seals, and other important wear items
  • Faucets, shower heads, taps
  • Showers
  • Bathtubs
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Bidets
  • Outlets/drains
  • Garbage disposals / garburators
  • Vents

And all other fixtures that require skilled plumbers to install!

We Are Proud to Have Earned a Great Reputation

We take responsible business seriously! That’s why we are not only a part of professional organizations, but transparent with our customer experiences.

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Why Choose Piper When You Need a Fixture Installed or Repaired?

Standard 1-Year Warranty

All our plumbing services come with at least a 1-year warranty. If our service or repair fails within a year, we will return at no-cost to fix it!

Appliance installations come with even longer warranties!

Reliable & Affordable Services

In today’s tough economy it’s more important than ever to spend wisely. At Piper Plumbing, we appreciate this fact as both business owners and homeowners!

Our services are guaranteed to be competitively priced and to provide fair value.

Service is Our Focus

We appreciate that our customers choose to work with us over another plumbing company in the Edmonton area. Our business is built on trust, and that means that place customer service as our #1 priority.

Your complete satisfaction is our objective.

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